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The History of Jodhpurs and Riding Gear
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After the fall of the Roman Empire the traditional, loose fitting toga rapidly disappeared. The conquering hordes from the North wore clothes which protected them from more severe weather. Most notable was the fact that the legs were encased separately in long, stocking-like tubes. Short trousers, usually referred to as breeches, covered the hips, buttocks, and genital regions.    Read the article


Riding Boot History 

There are a number of different styles of riding boots, intended for different styles of riding, for show, and for pleasure riding. Tall boots, which end near the knee of the rider, include field, dress, and hunt boots. These are standard show apparel, worn by all competitors except children, and some show competitors in the UK, Australia, or those that show Saddle seat. Field boots: have lacing at the ankle, which allows for some give so the rider is more comfortable riding in shorter stirrups. Therefore, field boots are preferred in all jumping disciplines, including Hunt seat, show jumping, fox hunting, and both jumping phases in eventing. Field boots are traditionally black in color.

Dress boots: do not have lacing at the ankle, and are generally stiffer. They are worn by dressage riders, eventers in the dressage phase, and at formal fox hunts. They are also worn by show jumpers. As of 2006, dress boots for dressage are styled to go especially high on the outside of the knee. Dress boots are traditionally black in color.

Hunt boots: like the dress boot, except it has a "cuff" at the top. The boot is usually black, with a tan cuff (traditional for male riders). It is appropriate for fox hunting.

Paddock boots are short (ankle height) used mainly for pleasure riding and everyday use. They may also be worn by children for showing.

Field boots (and most paddock boots) have an extra layer of leather on the toe, called a toe cap. All three styles have somewhat tapered round toes. Current styles include zip-on boots, with a zipper running down the back so they are easy to put on and remove. The traditional pull-on style is also common.

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The fetish surrounding riding boots, horse riding gear and jodhpurs is an old one. The entire idea of women in riding gear is enough to set some men off at a glance, and it's been happening for many years.  Granted, back in time, women were stuck in riding dresses, but the boots remained.  Once women began wearing jods,  all was lost for those who found a tight bottom in sexy riding pants.  Such is the way with fetishes.  Past, present and, we can assume, the future.



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